Finally, the wait is over!  Last night, I attended the annual meeting of the Colorado National Monument Association to see the unveiling of the 2014 edition of the annual scenic calendar.

I submitted my limit of 10 images back in February.  They had contacted me to ask for larger images, so I was hopeful that meant I was getting  a large monthly photo.  However, they would not divulge which image(s), how many, what size, anything…

I’m happy to report that I am “Miss June”!  My image of “No Thoroughfare Canyon Waterfall” is the monthly photo for June, and a smaller grid photo of “Monument Canyon Sunrise” is also on that page.  Additionally, I have small grid photos on January, May and November.  In all, five of my images were used so I’m pretty happy, especially considering there were over 400 images submitted.  What an undaunting task that would have been to review and pare down the images to the 45 (or so) total which were finally included in the calendar.

The 2014 edition is the 15th annual calendar the CNMA has produced, and each year it gets better, more brilliant, and more popular.  It literally goes all over the globe, as international visitors purchase them from the Visitor’s Center, and locals send them to friends and family literally everywhere, either to remind them of home or entice them to visit.  The calendar sales help fund some of the projects CNMA does each year.  Last year, one of those projects was installing a water filling station outside the Visitor’s Center.  What a great addition, and hopefully it will cut down on empty plastic water bottles (purchased at the Visitor’s Center) that would eventually end up at the bottom of the canyons.  The Visitor’s Center no longer is selling individual plastic water bottles and is instead offering re-usable ones, which can be filled at the station.  CNMA also helps fund the interpretive and scientific projects, such as providing funds to get busloads of school children up to the Monument to hike and learn.

The calendar is priced at $12.95 and is available for purchase at the CNM Visitor’s Center and numerous locations throughout the Grand Valley.  I encourage you to pick up a couple copies and share the beauty of this area with your friends and loved ones.


June 2014


Large grid photo, June 2014


Large grid photo, January 2014


Small grid photo, May 2014


Small grid photo, November 2014