With Christmas less than a week away, I probably won’t be making any posts this week.  I want to wish all my photography friends a very Merry Christmas!

2010 Christmas Greetings!

I moved to Colorado in September and believe it or not – I’ve not had any snow to shoot!   It has snowed several times here in the Grand Valley, but it vaporizes within an hour after falling.  I haven’t had a chance to get up on the Mesa yet, so I had to dig through my archives to find a suitable holiday image.  This was shot back in 2007 at Lake Shawnee in Topeka, Kansas after a bad ice storm rolled through.  Topeka was spared from the worst of it, but cities just to our north suffered severe damage from this storm in the form of miles and miles and miles of broken power poles, and accompanying loss of electricity.  Some folks were without power for weeks.  It was the worst ice storm to hit the area in years.  Very pretty to look at, but a mess to deal with.  I reworked this RAW file in PS CS4 and added some changes in levels and curves, and added some sharpening.  I toyed with the idea of converting to black and white, but decided I liked the addition of some warmth which the wood adds to the scene.

I hope everyone has a blessed, very merry Christmas!

Check back soon for a post about my favorite images of 2010.