I absolutely love Arches NP in Moab, Utah.  The scenery is truly jaw-dropping:  cavernous canyons, fabulous fins and awesome arches abound everywhere.  The first time my husband and I visited the park, I was literally speechless and didn’t know where to begin photographing the endless array of inspiring landscapes. Thus, the first time I was there, I ran amok and had no plan and guess what? I got rather crappy photos.  There were so many questions: Does Delicate Arch work out better as a sunrise or sunset shot?  Can I get a great shot of  the Three Gossips in mid-morning?  When the heck is sunrise anyway? When do the wildflowers bloom?  How do I get to Double O Arch and is it really worth the hike? Before we visited Moab the next year, I spent hours on the internet searching for photography tips in the park, and honestly didn’t find a treasure trove of information. If only I would have had iFotoGuide: Arches NP back then!

iFotoGuide: Arches NP has it all – detailed park maps, park info, a photo gallery showing all the photographic icons as well as detailed advice on when and where to photograph them and what equipment is needed, best times to shoot wildflowers and fall colors, sunrise/sunset charts, current weather conditions, specific safety concerns, important local phone numbers such as police and fire departments, local motel/restaurant/shopping info – it goes on and on. All this for $4.99 in the Apple iTunes App Store, and accessible in the palm of your hand on the iPhone or iPod Touch.  One caveat – if you’re using this on the iPod Touch and if you are not in an area with free WiFi access, the internet features are not accessible.  If you’re using it on the iPhone, I guess it would depend on your provider’s coverage.

The developers (Bret Edge and Dan Baumbach) plan to release iFotoGuides for other national parks:  Canyonlands, Grand Tetons, Glacier, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon are to be released within the next year.  I plan to purchase the Canyonlands app when it is released, and if we are lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon or the Tetons – yep, there’s an app for that and I’m buying it!  Printed guide books become outdated in a hurry – no need to worry with iFotoGuide.  Future updates are included and are FREE.  You can’t get better than that. This little app is worth every penny in my opinion.

Bret Edge and another photographer from NPN, Dan Baumbach, have launched what will be a series of photo apps for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  The app is a comprehensive digital guide to photographing the national parks and includes maps, park information, best times to photograph, sunrise/sunset charts, local restaurant/motel info, etc.  Designed by photographers for photographers, it appears to be a well-thought out and all inclusive guide to help traveling photographers create memorable photos while on the road without having to do tons of research ahead of time. Plus, all the info is available in the palm of your hand.

The first in the series is:  iFoto Guide: Arches National Park, and focuses on the awesome scenery of Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.  The next app will feature Yosemite NP, and future releases include Grand Canyon NP, Grand Tetons NP, Canyonlands NP, Glacier NP and more.  iFotoGuide: Arches is available for purchase for $4.99 at the Apple iTunes Store here.  Future updates to the app will be provided for free.

I don’t have an iPhone but have upgraded my “old” iPod Nano to a Touch version just today. I will download the app tonight and will post a full review once I’ve had time to check it out.  I already know I will love the included photo gallery.  Bret is tremendously talented and his photos of the Arches area are incredible.