Photo by Bret Edge

Photo by Bret Edge

I’ve had an interest in photography since about age 12, when my dad gave me his old SLR. I’ve been learning about photography on my own ever since, and enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques.  After swearing I’d never go digital, I did just that in early 2007 after seeing for myself the superior image quality and learning about the advantages of digital, especially shooting in RAW format.

My interest in photography also intensified greatly after meeting my husband, who introduced me to the great outdoors and hiking. I’ve been to many, many places I never imagined I’d see – and never would have if I had stayed in the car.  Attending a couple of weekend photography seminars also piqued my interest and got me motivated to learn more.   I read a lot of photography magazines and books, and in 2007 joined Nature Photographers Network, an on-line community that has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I also now belong to a local camera club, Thunder Mountain Camera Club, which affords me many opportunities to go on outings and hang out with like minded people.

I seek to capture nature’s beauty with my camera, whether it be a grand mountain scene or a simple wildflower. I especially enjoy photographing flowers, but barns and courthouses are other favorite subjects. I also have a great love for my home state (Kansas) and strive to share its beauty with others who are either misinformed or unaware of the secret beauty that can be found there.  Now that I live in Colorado, it’s especially easy to share the beauty!

My current equipment bag contains a Canon 6d digital camera, Canon 24-105 mm lens, Canon 17-40 mm lens, Canon 70-200 mm lens, 2X teleconverter, extension tubes, circular polarizers, ND and GND filters, a plamp, a collapsible diffuser/reflector, and a Manfrotto tripod with Kirk ballhead.

To see some of my images, please visit my web site:

3 Responses to “About Me!”

  1. Virginia Allain Says:

    I checked out your images on your web site. Some stunning photos there! I loved the sunflower one especially.

  2. Thank you! Sunflowers are my very favorite thing to photograph. They are so sunny & cheerful and never fail to make me smile 🙂

  3. Ruth Klein Says:

    Want to spend more time at this site: your images (what few I’ve seen) are just stunning! Thank you so very much!

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